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MentorMe’s smart, intuitive platform unlocks potential inside organizations, companies and communities, while delivering great mentoring outcomes.

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How MentorMe works

Give your mentoring program a boost in 3 easy steps...


MentorMe takes the guesswork (and the legwork) out of matching and makes more compatible, and therefore lasting, matches between mentors and mentees.


Track participation, mentor-mentee activities/feedback and match satisfaction in real-time through our proprietary tracking system. Peace out, spreadsheets!


Data. Data. Data. Our actionable intelligence and easy reporting will improve your program by helping you measure program outcomes...and secure that next grant!

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We get mentoring...and we think it's awesome.

That's why we're inventing an 'awesome-er' way for you to do it.

We've taken an "eHarmony" approach to mentor matching, and combined it with actionable intelligence and innovative mobile technology. We're the only solution available with our technology to help mentoring programs not only better manage day-to-day operations, but also better engage mentors and mentees.

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In addition, MentorMe is:

  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • White-labeled
  • Affordable

We're not just 'technology people.' We're mentors, too. We know how important your work is, and we've built MentorMe to help you stretch your dollars and get it done.


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MentorMe’s current focus is on youth (K-12) and higher education mentoring. However, we recognize that professional mentorship is yet another piece of the puzzle in building awesome communities. Therefore, we're currently taking on select partners whose focus is professional mentorship (i.e. companies, associations, etc.).

If you're interested in partnering with MentorMe, e-mail us at partners@getmentorme.com to .

MentorMe is currently used by organizations with new or existing mentoring programs. These organizations recruit their own mentors and mentees, and we take care of the rest through our platform - from matching to measurement.

We're not a social network, which just means we don't match mentors or mentees who are not signed up to use our platform through one of our partners or customers.

MentorMe doesn't handle background checks directly through our platform due to the sensitivity of the information provided during this process.

BUT, we understand that this is a big gap for most programs. So to help fill in the holes, we DO offer automated background screenings through a third-party application, and we also work with youth mentoring programs to integrate with reputable third-party background check providers that offer fingerprint screening to make the screening process more efficient for both programs and mentors.

No. We're a for-profit social enterprise.

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